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  • Commercial & Ag Services

  • Farm Shops

  • Pole Buildings

  • Cattle Barns

  • Garages

  • Computer Generated Design

Cleveringa Construction’s office computers work with large flat screen televisions to show clients what their new home, addition or remodel will look like. They can create new designs or work with existing designs. They can change paint and siding colors with the click of a mouse.

  • Government Buildings

  • Commercial Projects

  • Machine Shops

pole building.jpg
farm shop.jpg
dance studio 2.jpg
commerical riggs 2.jpg
dance studio 1.jpg
commerical riggs 1.jpg
commerical garage 1.jpg
church 3.jpg
Cleveranga Finished Gara009.jpg
church 2.jpg
cattle barn 2.JPG
cattle barn 4.jpg
cattle barn 3.jpg
cattle barn 1.jpg
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